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Integrating RADIUS Server to Ubiquiti UniFi


You have your RADIUS server configured – now what?  Now, it is time to ingrate the RADIUS server to your Access Point! Since we use Ubiquiti Unifi as the AP in our office, I will be showing you how to connect the RADIUS server to the AP. Note that a lot of APs are configured in a similar way; the main difference is the interface of the web console for each brand.

  1. Open the UniFi web console on your browser
  2. Go to Settings > Wireless Networks
  3. Click “Edit” on the SSID that you want to integrate the RADIUS server with (mine will be MA-Lab)
  4. Choose WPA Enterprise in the Security section
  5. Enter the IP Address, Port Number and the Shared Secret of the RADIUS server. Note: you should have configured the shared secret when configuring the Radius Client in the NPS.
  6. Click Save


And tada! Now your employees are able to connect to the WIFI only on their work machine!


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